1. Last weekend I attended my friend’s wedding at the Gold Coast, Queensland.

    It was such a beautiful wedding! OMG! Above is a video from the wedding photographer Shree Vella. There are a couple of photos of my friends wedding in it. Shree is an awesome photographer, and did some really creative things with the bride and groom at the post wedding beach-shoot. I was there too as I was a bridesmaid, and Shree had us doing all these cool poses and arrangements and made it so much fun. It made me want to be a model, but I’d probably be better behind the camera than in front of it… I’m not going to be the next Elle MacPherson LOL! Anyway taking weding photos on the beach was just such a romantic, fun, enjoyable afternoon, Im now even thinking that wedding photography might be an awesome career for me. Thanks so much to Shree Vella for her amazing work and inspiring me into thinking about life and love! :) professional photography gold coast

Romantic Notions

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